1. The Objective
The objective of this document is to lay down a standard procedure for performance tests of horizontal centrifugal pumps at our test facility.
2. The Conformance
The tests to be carried out at the facility will conform, primarily, to the requirements laid down in ISO 9906 for Grade -1 testing. The most recent version of this standard will be the guiding conformance document for the test setup. The test set up has been prepared to conform also to ANSI/HI standards for testing of horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps.
3. Hydraulic Performance Parameter to be tested
  Performance test shall be carried out to establish the following parameters:
    Rated Capacity
    Rated Head
    Power absorbed by the pump at rated duty
    The efficiency of the pump at rated duty
    Performance characteristics of the pump from closed valve condition to 120% of the rated flow
If there is a specific agreement with the customer, the NPSH test will also be carried out by "the 3% head suppression" method. A brief description of this procedure is enclosed
4. Mechanical Parameter to be tested
The test shall include recording of the following parameters to check the mechanical integrity of the pump:
    Bearing Temperature
    Temperature of Packing
    Leakage of air
    Leakage of water
    Acoustic Emission
5. Staff
  A test supervisor possessing adequate experience in measuring operations will be entrusted with carrying out the test
6. Test Equipment
  A list of equipment is currently used to carry out the test.