Customised impeller for clients

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Design& development sequence for a series of double suction impellers -These impellers are used in a double volute split case pump. Six vane impeller with 660mm diameter and 23mm width at the outlet was designed for a rated duty of 750m3/hr, 130m and 1480rpm.


While the above pump achieved an efficiency of 84%(quite good for its specific speed!) and became very popular, a new application for this unit was found for mine dewatering duties in Australia and Philippines. Since mine drainage systems involve a large static head, we decided to try and get a steeper H-Q curve without sacrificing capacity or efficiency. This was achieved by the 5 vane impeller with 27mm width.


An American pump maker became interested in this pump and wanted to rebrand it for NFPA20 fire duty of 2500 USgpm at 1500 rpm. We felt that we needed yet another impeller which will achieve peak power at 3750 USgpm ( 150% flow). This required a narrower impeller. The result was a five vane impeller with 19mm width.


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